Everybody needs therapy. Especially in difficult situations, when dealing with tough decisions, when trying to accept change. Therapy type differs from one person to the other. Some meditate, some do yoga, some people scream and shout, others are doing sports as their therapy.

There are as many therapies as there are people in the world. Everybody has their own trigger that helps them go through difficult times.

I found out, that one of my therapies is writing. Putting down in words everything that bothers me. But I also use it when I’m in a good mood, when I’m having good times, because it helps me put my thinking into perspective and because then I can track how I felt and thought during good times. This is also the reason why you are reading this blog right now.


So finding your own therapy is important. That you find that one thing that triggers good emotions inside of you. It might be a smell, for me the smell that really relaxes me is the smell of lavender. And why lavender, even though this one is known for positive and relaxing effects? Because it reminds me of one great and relaxing vacation I had, it brings me back to those times and I’m instantly more relaxed and happier.

But those triggers for relaxation can also have different effects with different situations. Sometimes the things that usually relaxes me, can also make me angry. I learned that this happens usually when I’m not yet ready to accept the change or situation. And here is the main trick with your therapy. You can have the best therapy in the world, made and personalised directly to you, but if you resist the situation, you resist the therapy.

Don’t worry, nothing is wrong about being angry or resisting the situation, we just can’t be always happy and there is really nothing wrong about this. It is very important that you don’t beat yourself up for this. But when difficult times come, where there is a challenge you have to tackle, where there is something going on that you cannot influence, but only accept, have in mind that the sooner you will try to accept the situation and more that you will try to make it work for you, easier it will be. When you let go, when you say, fuck it, whatever happens happens, I cannot affect it but I can at least try to make it work, then everything will just seem easier and you will sooner or later find your lost happiness.

And in the end, don’t push too much in either way. Don’t push yourself too much in a way that everything has to be perfect and you have to be happy if what you really need is a bit of sadness, but also don’t push yourself too much in the anger and resistance phase, try to process it and then move away, move forward.

Myself, I still am in a situation that is not exactly what I wished it would be, and I’m still dealing with everything, but I’m slowly moving forward. Not where I wished I would be at the moment, but definitely getting there. With the wish to come out stronger and happier then I was before.

My advice to you is: find what suits you best, usually you just need some time and a good therapy.

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