The truth

Last few months have been so overwhelming. As they say, usually when big things and changes in life happen, they happen all at the same time. Of course, the same happened to me and it seemed I hit a wall, especially when we talk writing a blog. Nothing is really wrong, it’s I guess, just a time in my life with a big decisions that needs to be made and things that take a lot of my mind, thoughts and will.

Truth be told, those events led to not writing and publishing from my side during this break time. If you knew how many times I was sitting here in front of the computer, this black pointer blinking on a white background, waiting for the words to come out… but unfortunately, nothing. My head full of thoughts was at the same time so empty. Really contradictory I know.

Honestly what made it even harder were my personal expectations of myself. When I started this blog, I swore to myself, that I would not stop writing and publishing. Especially not in such a short time after the start and then apologize for it later on. I didn’t want this blog to be just some short fling. Especially since I see it affected me so well when I write. That is why I was beating myself up about that very much, being disappointed, letting myself down.

The only solution, which took some time, was that I needed to accept this state of mind I was in at this period. That the time was just not right for me. Now that I’m writing those words I feel so much better, at least I accepted that I could not do everything. If you’re stuck, you’re stuck, and I was definitely stuck. Maybe I still am but at least I was able to write this one, which makes me very happy. So it’s a start, and I’m really happy about that.

Main point?

We should not beat ourselves up too much when hard times come. Of course we should expect some things from ourselves, but not too much! And let go, just let go and a sign and inspiration how to move forward will come. In the mean time relax, take your mind off the things that bother you. Solution is usually just before our nose, we just cannot find and see it until we move our mind to something else. As I see now, my solution was to admit to myself that this is ok and in the end writing this down. This is my truth and I’m happy about it.


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