Long-term relationship

Living our life is a wonderful journey. If we say that we will live around 80 years on this lovely planet of ours, which means that we have 959 months or 4171 weeks or 29.200 days or 700.800 hours or 42.048.000 minutes time in our lives. Depends from which perspective you look, it can be a lot of time that we have, but if we waist it for unimportant things, then it’s not that much of a time we have in our hands.

So do you know where do you want to go and what do you want to achieve in your life? Can you imagine yourself in one, 5 and 15 years time and see a clear picture of yourself? What about in 30 years, do you even know how old you will be in 30 years? Scary right!

But it doesn’t have to be scary and you definitely should not be afraid of the future. Imagine what you would like to be in few years and then write those down as your goals. It will give you a look forward. After defining your long-term goals, put this piece of paper somewhere you will be able to find it, or you can put it directly on your wall or a fridge, where you will look at those goals everyday.

In the end, it is important that we live in the moment, not for the future but for the moment, because the moment now is the only thing we have.

With defined goals, you can achieve more in the moment, because you are not wasting your time, you know exactly what you want to be, what you want to achieve and where you want to go. Therefore in the end, you will be happy to remember all the great things you’ve achieved and will be proud of yourself.

Setting goals for next years can also help you see the bigger picture when you are stuck in everyday problems and tasks. To be able to extract what is really important and what is not even if it feels differently. So in a moment of bad mood, stress and worries, take a look around and ask yourself: what is really wrong with this moment? Usually, not much, usually we are just so very afraid of what might happen in the future that it hurts our present. And the worst part is, that when it comes to that moment in future, nothing bad like we imagined happens, and all the worries and stress we had were not necessary. And even if something bad happens, all worrying doesn’t help us in any way. My advice would be: Don’t think about it until it comes and then you will tackle the challenge with no problem and ask yourself, why did I bother in advance when not even needed?

We are in a long-term relationship with ourselves, our whole life, this is the longest time we spend with anybody, so why don’t we enjoy it and make it as we wish? Setting some goals can help us do that, so sit down and try to write them. And don’t forget, we only live once, so enjoy your life to the fullest!

For inspiration, you can see my goals below or read this motivational quotes for positive and inspiring life!

My goals – where do I want to be in:

1 year: get into the shape and be physically strong

5 years: have a house or apartment, start a family

10 years: being the top on the marketing field

30 years: being active – physically and in work, full of life

Whole life: being happy and always enjoying the things I do, travel, being active and searching for constant improvements.


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