I’m back and I did it!

It’s been such a long time since I wrote something, and I have to blame it on one big project in my life, but I’ll talk about that one at different times. I started this blog as a way to express myself, my own thoughts after a knee injury. It is true, that I did not publish really a lot, especially last year not, but I guess it just was not the right moment, the right topics rushing through my mind. Well, yesterday marks somehow an end of an era, a big last milestone that happened after an injury, surgery, rehabilitation. I was back on skis and I cannot express how happy I am.

Yesterday was such a lovely day, sunny, a lot of snow on slopes and around, all this shaping a perfect panorama views. But the best part of it was, that I was back on skis and enjoying skiing. Before goring to ski, I was of course afraid of many things, that I forgot how to ski, what if I fall again, what if injury happens again. But you know what? Being back on skis felt like being back home, so familiar, full of joy, emotions and even a bit overwhelming. Of course, I was a bit insecure and I had my knee bracelet on, but the feeling of being back, of an accomplishment after such a long and tiring rehabilitation and emotional rollercoaster. Well, that was just priceless!

back on skis with knee bracelet

Being proud of myself does not really happen often. Usually I’m super critical towards everything I do, I could always do things better, faster … but not this time. This time I was super proud of myself, that after everything and regardless of how tough it was too many times, and how many times I did not really feel like going into gym and do strength training (and sometimes I really did not go), I still managed to continue, break through it and yesterday was my award. My big, one of the greatest awards that I have given myself.

The road does not end here, I have to continue working, but a feeling of achieving something I many times doubted I would is amazing. I can do it! I did it! This I have to take further, believe in myself a bit more and go towards new goals.

back skiing

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