Why do we stop doing the things we love?

When we are kids and growing up we do a lot of things that we just love. We find things that make us happy and make our heart beat a bit faster. But at that time we actually don’t understand it in a way that we do later in life. We just do the things that we like, it’s that simple and also some things that we don’t like, but we have to – studying, chores at home etc.

But the more grown up we are, more responsibility we have or take on ourselves, more serious we become, less fun we let ourselves to have and the thing that is the saddest is that we forgot to do the things that we love. We get stuck into everyday tasks, everyday worries, we forget how to stop ourselves and just enjoy. We forget how to do things that we love and rather work on all the daily tasks and things that slowly kill us inside. And the worst part is that the things that we used to love, we turned them into chores or forgot about them.

I use to have many small things that I enjoyed with, cute planner where I would put in my plans in many different colors, with some not very good drawings of flowers and sun … pretty basic ones 🙂 but the point was that in the end of the year I was able to catch back at the year, what all has happened and I would feel happy. I loved to read books and still do because I love the smell of the paper and yet, mostly now I only read during summer vacations.

Also I loved to color and write stuff on paper, not on computer like nowadays. It’s not a problem working on computer; I mean honestly it is so much faster and do you imagine that we would be writing on computer so slowly as we do by hand? No! So probably because we can use computer to do the work faster, we have more time to enjoy and do the things we really love after work or school or the chores.

So go and find one, two, three things that you really enjoyed once or you could enjoy now. Think; think what you really liked when you were a kid. Was one of the things putting some puzzles together, drawing or playing with Legos? It’s different with each of us, so don’t be afraid to try, try everything that crosses your mind that could make you happy and relaxed. Old and new stuff – just don’t give up. Try yoga, meditation, coloring books for grownups, reading books, writing down stuff, crafting things, cooking, sewing or something else.

There are so many possibilities out there, waiting just for you. Just try to find things that you really love, with this you will love yourself more and enjoy life more. In the end we have to think about ourselves, if we are not happy, we cannot make our closest ones happy. So if you are in doubt, why should I do something for myself instead of doing something for others, keep this in mind: The happier you are, more happiness you can spread on all the people around you.

FYI: I just bought myself a new and very cute planner and I love it 🙂

You can see it below <3:


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  1. I think sometimes life pulls us in so many directions that we just don’t have time for the things we used to love, especially if you have children.

  2. I totally agree! That’s why I wanted to expose this that we don’t totally forget about it.

  3. If you want to take time for YOU, you willl. If you don’t love yourself firs…you cant love others:) that’s the power of love….

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