Why do we fear the change?

Change is the only constant in life. Definitely. But then why we fear the change so much? Why do we do everything against that change that could, should or will happen?

We have to distinguish different type of changes – the ones that we can control and the ones that we can’t. With the ones we can’t control it’s different, usually comes as a shock and we have to accept it anyhow. I’ll probably write about those some other time.

With the ones that we can control, I feel that it’s sometimes easier to sabotage our own change, rather than having guts doing that step forward. We would rather say we cannot do something, even humiliate ourselves in some cases, all just that we wouldn’t need to step a little bit out of our comfort zone, just that all would stay the same. Also because then, we can complain about everything being the same, wrong or someone else’s fault.

I have the same problems. Usually when it comes to taking care of myself: eating healthy, exercising, relaxing and in the end losing some weight. I would rather stay the same, eat even more, stop doing sports even though I love it, just to stay the same, that no one can say I failed and no change can come. If I lose weight, then some changes will happen and I fear them. But what can change that I fear so much? That I will look hotter? That I will feel better in my own skin and have more confidence? That I will be able to do different sports with my boyfriend that currently I cannot keep up? Really, very horrible things can happen.

And same applies to professional world. We fear to ask for a raise that we know we deserve well, we fear to ask for more responsibility, new tasks or something else. What can be the worse answer? No! Well, at least you’ve tried!

But in the end, it only means that we are holding ourselves back, stopping ourselves to become a better person, a person that moves forward and grows.

So let’s not fear the change anymore! Let’s kick ourselves in the butt a little everyday and say, what is the worst that can happen? Usually nothing much! But then also: what is the best that can happen? Probably a lot of new and exciting things. And I guarantee, if you never try, you’ll never know. We can all stay the same, at the same spot, position, with the same fears and worries… but what if we do just one small step forward, what if there are so many better things waiting for us?

Are we willing to take the risk and see?



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