Long-term relationship

Living our life is a wonderful journey. If we say that we will live around 80 years on this lovely planet of ours, which means that we have 959 months or 4171 weeks or 29.200 days or 700.800 hours or 42.048.000 minutes time in our lives. Depends from which perspective you look, it can be […]


Everybody needs therapy. Especially in difficult situations, when dealing with tough decisions, when trying to accept change. Therapy type differs from one person to the other. Some meditate, some do yoga, some people scream and shout, others are doing sports as their therapy. There are as many therapies as there are people in the world. […]

It’s in the little things

Many times we are overloaded with the tasks, with every day’s happening. Our schedules are full, we are running from one appointment to the other. Work, pets, kids, gym, partner, family, friends, do the chores, do the shopping, clean up the apartment and many other things and before we know it, days, weeks, sometimes even […]

Why do we fear the change?

Change is the only constant in life. Definitely. But then why we fear the change so much? Why do we do everything against that change that could, should or will happen? We have to distinguish different type of changes – the ones that we can control and the ones that we can’t. With the ones […]

Pilot – a new journey

Life throws different things at you. Usually when you are not expecting it, at the worst timing possible. Or not. in the end, you usually find out, that all is just as it should be. What is the difference? There is no difference, just the attitude we hold against things that happen. A breaking point. […]