Autumn story

It’s autumn again, a very special time of the year for me. I love how trees are turning yellow, red, orange, and brown. I love the intensity of all these colors around me and around us.

The world has changed, but the nature is still following its cycle of seasons. So, let’s not forget to stop and look, smell, and take in all these feelings of autumn, of new season.

Changes are happening, this is a no-changing truth, and we can’t do anything about them.

It’s very true that:

The only constant in life is change!


But we can be many times so reluctant to changes, wishing it would stay as it was, or looking into the future, how we would like things to be.

But with all this, we lose this magical moment of now. Of the moment where we really are, not in our mind, but with everything else. So, stop and open your senses, smell the air, take in all the beauty from the nature, feel it on your skin. Appreciate it! Yesterday has happened, tomorrow will come, but what you really have is only this moment, this exact moment now. And you won’t get it back. Enjoy it, fully and utterly. With all your human being. And breathe. This is the only thing you really need to do. Breathe and be.

All will be ok, changes will happen, anyway, if you want it or not. You can go through these changes with resistance which will make it harder for you. Or you can accept it, go with it, let it go, and this will be much easier.

We tend to worry so much, about past, about future. So much, that we forget to live. To enjoy, to be, to appreciate. Therefore, stop for few moments, just be, let go, and see how that feels.

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