6 months later: What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

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In previous blog post we started with the first part of my story, now let’s continue. So I fell during skiing and hurt my knee. I was trying to come from the hill to the doctor with ski lift. There are long slopes, so even ski lift ride to the bottom of the hill takes some time. Especially if you first go on the wrong one and you have to drive down and up again. As my mind was rushing around with all these different thoughts, knee got already very sore, swollen and painful. With all the mess in my head, one thing was for sure. My world collapsed and I was scared, very scared.

I didn’t know what to do, how to proceed. Everybody was so supportive, especially my boyfriend who was with me the whole time. But I was down, scared, nervous, with a full head of this negative thoughts and stressed. I am really grateful for the support of everyone around me, but if I have to choose one thing, I am really grateful I had tourist insurance. This is a thing that saved even more nerves and headaches. So because of this insurance, private doctor at the ski resort checked me and scanned my knee with MR instantly and free of charge.

It showed what we were discussing with the doctor before the scan. I had torn “internal front knee ligament” as I call it, officially it’s ACL (for all the experts) and I pulled side knee ligament. The doctor told me that I would need a surgery if I still want to do sports in my life. If I am satisfied with only cycling and swimming until the rest of my life, then I am ok without it. I knew instantly that surgery is what I will go for and I didn’t doubt this decision ever. Not even for a second.

I left the doctor’s office with knee bracelet, limping on my left leg.

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This doctor’s check actually really calmed me down and made me more relaxed and positive. I was on one hand lost, but on the other, I was dedicated to coming back even stronger and better. Like many professional skiers and other sportsmen and sportswoman do. They were my inspiration.

Next day I stayed at the apartment when everybody else went skiing of course. What a boring day. More or less I was unable to move, lying in the bed, watching movies, reading and so on, alone, bored and in pain. Outside it was a perfect sunny day. Well, unfortunately, days like these became something very common in the next year. They became days of too many thoughts, loneliness, being scared and down.

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But these days also became many days of motivation, inspiration, hope, progress, small wins and most of all personal growth and happiness. It’s really impressive how events like this, when your whole world collapses, can become one of the best experiences in your life. And how the things that you think took the most from you, can give you more than you could ever imagine. As usual, it doesn’t seem so at the beginning. But when you look back, when you can see the bigger picture, you can see how an experience like this was something you needed.

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger!

Until next time!

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