6 months later: It’s a lesson

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My knee injury is a lesson, a lesson that I really needed. If you missed what I’m talking about, read the first two posts about what happened. In the first one I explain how this injury happened and in the second one, you can see how my journey of recovery started. So, this lesson became a new journey in my life with a lot of ups and downs.

If you are right now struggling due to some injury or something else, the most important thing is just not to give up! Stand up, look up and say, I will. Even if you don’t know how. You will, and you don’t need to know how. Just go step by step. Embrace your lesson, embrace your journey and take this opportunity to make yourself a better you. And remember: it’s ok to be afraid, it’s ok to feel down, even cry.

But it’s not ok to give up, and never give up, even if you feel like it. Why? Because YOU deserve better, YOU are better and believe me, YOU can do it! Say this to yourself every day. I know you don’t believe it. I still have difficulties believing this sometimes, but on good days I really feel it with all my heart. On a bad day, I just repeat this to myself and you know what?

It grows on you, you start believing it, day by day, step by step, slowly it becomes a part of you.

I now know exactly why this knee injury happened. Because I needed to learn two things: to take care of myself and to be patient. Believe me, I’m still learning how to do both, there is still a long road ahead of me, but I’m also quite further already of where I’ve used to be. And this injury and rehab taught me that. Today I can look back and see how far I’ve already come, how much different I am. And this is just a result of everything that happened to me.

My boyfriend, friends and family played a big role in all this journey and were my big support after I came home from skiing and during this whole time. They helped me a lot and I am really thankful for that.

Thank you, you are the best!

The biggest problem with situations like this is that you don’t know where to start and what to do. Just like my first motivational “jump” on the good changes which ended with 5 extra kg in a bit more than a month and with no other positive change at all. Except a change of doing even less than before. What a great start right?

Well, this is how reality looks like! It goes up and down, and I was down, very low. This was actually the moment I think I’ve hit my rock bottom. And it was also a point when I said to myself: if I don’t set myself a goal, a real goal that will require quite some effort from me, then I will never recover. I already found out that going back skiing is not big enough of a goal for me.

stelvio goal motivation

So, I said, out loud: I will go and cycle the Stelvio pass with a bicycle. You should have seen my boyfriend’s face when I said it. I was almost picking up his jaw from the floor, he was so surprised (haha this was really a funny moment – I think this was the last thing he expected me to say). Honestly, I cursed this goal so many times in the last year, but it’s still something that drives me further and I have not given up.

At the moment I decided to follow a goal, a dream, my path turned around for at least 180 degrees. I started to do the things I could that would bring me closer to my goal. In the begining I started with short walks, later I started cycling, slowly and with short, very short rides, but constantly doing a bit more. I visited one of my friends who is a physiotherapist and he helped me with advice which exercises I should do and I started doing those regularly. This were preparations for a surgery, so I could be as strong as possible going to surgery, hopefully recovering faster and better.

Until next time!

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