About Me

Are you searching for some inspiration, motivation, somebody that you can relate to? Then you are in the right place. Same if you want to improve yourself, your communication and understand people better, are searching for some answers, are interested in people, relationships, how we work, do and react. Or just want to read something different, get some food for thoughts. Definitely in the right place.

I love to write and talk and think and this is why I started this blog. I noticed writing helps me clear my mind, since I’m always thinking too much. Too much about everything that goes and many times this also makes me overwhelmed. That’s why this blog is here, to empty my head and at the same time maybe give you also some inspiration or a thought that you are not alone in anything!

As of such I’m a bug enthusiast in life and everything around us, always trying to find out why things are as they are. Especially I’m interested in people. Our behavior, relationships, reactions and communication, our thoughts, everyday life and everything that is in our package. I am honest and I like to talk also about things that many people are afraid to tell. Even though everybody is thinking about it. But honestly, it’s also scary for me to say things out loud!

I’ll show you my perspective of why I think the things are as they are and with that, I hope I’ll give you some better idea, inspiration, and motivation to understand yourself and others better. Or I’ll just open many never ending questions and set my views on them. It doesn’t mean my views are the only correct ones, they are just mine and here to give you some food for thoughts.

My interest in people is here for a long time, don’t know when it even started, probably when I was a little girl. And with my profession as a marketer, it is very important that I understand people and technology as much as possible if I want to create creative and innovative campaigns for them if I want to address the right people and the right place with the right message. And with the message that will help people I address. If I don’t stand by the service, product or thing I’m trying to tell people about, I will not create anything for it. I believe in being honest and in being compassionate.

I have my own problems and troubles in life, I’m asking myself probably the same questions as many of you also do, and I hope that with this blog I’ll not only help myself but also you. Since I noticed that writing down things really does it for me, I decided to start my own blog, to share my word with all of you and through my daily, weekly or monthly (or yearly sometimes) stories guide you to a better understanding of yourself and people around you.

My main interest is in:
  • how to improve ourselves 
  • how to understand people better
  • to clear a bit my always full head of thoughts
  • hoping that you find some inspiration and knowledge from my own experiences

For questions or inquiries, please contact me with the form below or write me to hi@mojkasword.com