Dear Diary

Today I was reading my old diaries. Of course, because I’m just in the middle of writing my master thesis, so going down the memory lane sounded like such a better idea. And actually, it was not that bad of a choice as it became quite an eye-opening moment. I was writing diary on and […]

6 months later: It is a lesson

motivation goal journey lesson

My knee injury is a lesson, a lesson that I really needed. If you missed what I’m talking about, read the first two posts about what happened. In the first one I explain how this injury happened and in the second one, you can see how my journey of recovery started. So, this lesson became […]

6 months later: How it all started

knee; skiing

Today marks 6 months anniversary of my knee surgery. Happy half birthday to my »new knee«.  Very soon, in 22 days exactly, it will be a one year since I fell when skiing and injured my knee. Looking back, I must say this is one of the best things that happened to me. Even though […]

The power of friends

With years, you gain and you lose friends and all this is totally normal, even if it doesn’t feel like it. It’s easy to understand: we change during the time and so do our friends. Sometimes you grow together and sometimes you grow apart. And nothing is wrong with you or them. It’s just a […]

Make a wish

Aren’t we some funny creatures? I would even say that we are really weird sometimes. We always wish things that we can’t have at the given moment, we wish things that other have instead of enjoying the things we have. It starts when we are little. Toys that our friends have, they are so much better […]

The truth

Last few months have been so overwhelming. As they say, usually when big things and changes in life happen, they happen all at the same time. Of course, the same happened to me and it seemed I hit a wall, especially when we talk writing a blog. Nothing is really wrong, it’s I guess, just […]

Make yourself proud

One of the things in life that will really bring you happiness and satisfaction is to make yourself proud. I know this in some cases is really hard to do and also challenging, but this is the catch. The more effort you put in, the better the feeling is in the end. Last week I […]